Who is play n skillz dating

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Who is play n skillz dating

lol at the fact that I saw them both at Halloween USA this weekend….spoke to Angela, very nice girl…..

Skillz grab a spiderman mask and hissed at me….again…lol at the fact that I didn't even know who he was…a picture with Angela tho. I’ve been with him for like a year now and it’s a long-distance […] i think its cute that Angela and Skillz are going out Skillz is a really nice guy and for those who dont kno who Skillz is he is a rapper along side with his brother Play and there rappers from Dallas Texas and there 2 time grammy adward winning 🙂 i wish Angela and Skillz da best 🙂 Ciao, Dear editor!

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In an interview with magazine, the young rapper declared his adoration for the young daughter of Rev.

The Simmons Sisters are open about their Pastry Shoes business, family lives, exercise routines, weight loss methods, but V&A play it coy when it comes to the love department.

We all have heard various reports that Angela was linked to Bow Wow and skater Terry “T.

Last week, rapper Bow Wow reportedly confessed his love for Angela Simmons, who he's been romantically linked to in the past.

K.” Kennedy, but Angela herself has had little to say publicly on either subject.

Well, I just learned today that Angela is currently dating Skillz of Play ‘n Skillz, one half of the producer duo from Dallas, TX.

Skillz, whose real name is Oscar Salinas, have been producing cool tracks with his bro, Juan “Play” Salinas, for artists like Chamillionaire, Tum Tum and Lumba, Reyez and have also been featured in Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Carter III.

Skillz and his brother Play, owns a record company, “G4 Recordz”.

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