Who is andre rison dating now british reality dating show

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Who is andre rison dating now

He gets her pregnant, convinces her to have an abortion, parades other girls in front of her at the studio (which of course enrages her), then when she finally moves on, he’s overcome by the Great Spirit of the Thirst Gods and crawls back to her.

And my future wife and I even bonded over their final album, which wasn’t nearly the disaster many folks claim.

She gave the girls a weekly stipend, which means I made more money cutting my lawn than the best selling female group of all time.

Let that sink in – you had more money than the best selling girl group of all time.

And it was a wise move, considering that the movie portrayed her as having the vocal prowess of Rihanna eating a sandpaper sandwich.

Seriously, there is no way she could have sounded THAT bad in real life. I have no idea but seeing that the movie portrayed her has a low-rent Beyonce I assume she was locked in the Knowles attic, never to be seen again. Anyway, TLC’s manager Pebbles has never been painted in the most positive of light but good lord, this movie made her a wig-wearing Gargamel.

Yes, you, the person who spent 15 minutes arguing with the Walgreens cashier over coupons. Pebbles got annoyed with Chilli and kicked her out of the group; she bought them some raggedy, outdated Rav-4s to appease them; and wound up suing them a few years later. Dallas Austin, the movie’s second biggest d-bag next to Pebbles, was absolutely ridiculous.

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TLC’s story isn’t unique though, even Toni Braxton was eating ramen noodles while on La Face Records. Yet Chilli spent the first half of the movie pining for him, even though T-Boz told him he was no good.

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  1. She asked James to drive her home after the club closed—she was pregnant, he says, and wanted to “have fun” since she didn’t socialize much. He attempted to stretch out his legs, stiff from the long period his rapist was straddling him.

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