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To enable Centri Tel® for all formats simply add the Centi Tel® Focuser, #87-430.

For viewing through an eyepiece (not included), adapter #58-796 is required.

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The Dual-Port package includes a right angle mirror for switching between views (not simultaneous viewing), in addition to the parts included in the Single-Port package.

The K2 Dista Max™ is ideal for applications ranging from remote vacuum chamber viewing to on-line process control.

Recognized as the standard in Long-Distance microscopes, the K2 Dista Max™ now incorporates a patent-pending IVS focus system, further improving what was already a top performer, and making the K2 Dista Max™ easier to use than previous models.

The K2 Dista Max™ offers high magnifications and a dynamic working distance range, covering all sensors up to 35mm (43mm diagonal) formats.

The K2 Dista Max™ Single-Port package includes a manual iris for light level and depth of field control.

The NWE Objective allows focus from infinity to as near as 675mm.

Perhaps the most versatile K2 Dista Max™ objective, the NWE also can be used with the Microscope Objective Adapter Disc and other accessories.

All objectives attach directly to a front dovetail.

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When combined with NWE Objective, Microscope Objective Adapter Disc, and Objective Adapter, the K2 Dista Max™ can interface common infinity-corrected microscope objectives, even when the Coaxial In-line Illuminator is used, making it a powerful direct coaxial in-line system.