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Certainly Ville’s music genre isn’t for everyone, but apparently he’s also drawing attention for his kinda dangerous kinda cool look. We give you advice on sexting, along with cures for hot flashes. So honored by being asked to guest post on Chick Swagger. But the idea that’s all that women do irks me beyond belief.He tends to wear a lot of eyeliner when he’s in performance mode, but I found more of a clean picture of him to present for your consideration. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’d not heard of him, but in doing my research I found some interesting tidbits. A Red Sox rookie having his first year at The Show. And where else are you going to see the names Jody Hedlund, Jennie Crusie, Jane Austen, and VC Andrews all in one place? I like books that challenge, surprise, scare and thrill me.Leto’s been in a ton of films and his film career goes back all the way to 1992.I almost didn’t include him because I almost think of him more of an actor than a rocker, but maybe that’s because I’m more familiar with his film work. VC Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic covers through Elizabeth Shore Last Wednesday I was two days into a new office job and the sterile atmosphere of corporate America had me pining for my thrill-a-minute, adventurous and most decidedly glamorous fantasy life as a rocker chick. I remember the heady days of the 80’s and the metal “hair bands” as they were sometimes called. Nonetheless, I gamely trudged on, determined to dig up a few hotties to share.I imagined the cool clothes, the awe-struck fans, and the hot rocker guys drooling over me as I jetted off to far away places for awesome concerts packed with hordes of adoring mobs. ) Expanding on that theme, I decided to feature some sexy hot rocker guys in today’s post. Reviewing several “hottest guys in rock” lists and with help from my rocker savvy sister-in-law, I present for you a panel worthy of your consideration, along with a few whose inclusion on the lists downright stumped me.I thought he was great in I’m including Dave Navarro on my list because, well, he made other lists so that’s something. Jody Hedlund on why favorite authors sometimes disappoint. 10 Rights of a Reader Censorship redux From Madeline: This swimsuit gives new meaning to the words ‘ to a whole new level: 40 Days of Dating. Margery Kempe I rolled my eyes and muttered dark words at this BBC story where Fay Weldon claimed that women read for “comfort”.He’s a member of Jane’s Addiction and has also worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. (Warning–this site will SUCK YOU IN.) From Elizabeth: Boy band One Direction makes us beautiful with their songs and now with their new makeup line! Writer Laura Bogart’s honest, moving story about why she chooses to be fat. Even forgetting the gender essentialism — and how idiotic it is to make any claim for half the world’s population other than — the idea that we need to be comforted like little children is pretty infantilising.

Presumptive logic convinced me that it would be easy enough to find today’s version of hot rocker dudes. At least, not the type of guys I’m typically drawn to. One gal’s George Clooney is another’s Pee Wee Herman.

He’s featured for his music, of course, he’s featured for his looks, and now he’s getting an acting career going.

He appeared in the second season of Speaking of rockers-turned-actors, here’s Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars.

HIs band, Turisas, is named after an ancient Finnish God of War. I generally read for anything but comfort, and I suspect there are many like me. (Cover from my latest publication By Madeline Iva Jimmy Fallon just had a baby girl! And…thanks to the magic of People magazine, I found out that Jimmy’s wife is actually older than Jimmy F himself. I Jimmy Fallon exponentially more than I used to kinda enjoy him is that she’s obviously not the Hollywood hottie most of us expect out of a ‘civilian’ wife. Here’s what I mean–Matt Damon lately said in an interview that he was so thankful he married ‘a civilian’ instead of another celebrity. Apparently, you can still lead a semi-normal life if your other half isn’t a fame seeking whore like yourself.

Dave’s got really great tats and is currently the host of the tattoo competition show . I also really like that he’s done anti-fur and anti-animal testing campaigns, stripping down to the bare nothing in support of animal rights. Feeding your need for sexy male eye candy at Hunk-O-Mania. I’m sure both men and women have “comfort food” reads, books that always please.

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Thanks, Dave.🙂 into the goth rock scene, well, now you’ve heard of him courtesy of Lady Smut. I’d never before realized how sexy playing 3rd base is. We’ve got some great blog posts lined up for your reading pleasure. When you’ve given up on a couple of books in a row or found them disappointing, it’s good to go to a no-fail author you know will please.

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  2. And you don't go in believing that science is behind the match. When diet companies show someone who lost a bunch of weight in six weeks, they have to say, "Results not typical." I think e Harmony and other sites should do the same. MT: It really depends on people's willingness to come back and tell us why each date didn't work out so the system could get smarter. MT: Because sex is a huge part of a relationship that people don't always focus on.