Updating globe light fixtures

Posted by / 03-Aug-2016 15:32

Dave turns it on when he shaves, and I turn it on twice a year or so when I attempt lipstick.

It feels good to save the cash and to be less wasteful. We sort of ran out of time when we were trying to figure out a new over-the-desk light fixture.We went to Home Depot hoping they’d come through for me again in the lighting department. We’ve already replaced the other two lights in here (you can see one of the replacements reflected in the mirror up there), and this is supposed to be a BUDGET bathroom makeover, so we opted to work with what we have in this case. Above the big old messed up builder grade mirror in our master bathroom hung this not so messed up chrome vanity light: I actually kind of like the shape of it…has some art deco-esque kind of waviness going on at the edges that sets it apart from most examples of builder grade vanity lights. Not only did we get some much-needed R&R and family time, but we also added an air compressor to our collection of DIY tools (big deal! We bought it to use with our new spray paint gun and I’ve been spraying basically everything in sight for the last 24 hours.

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Well, mostly just the doors in the house, but the baseboards are whispering my name. I’m trying hard to rework and salvage as many things in this house as we can now that most of the demo is done. All-white at least sort of disappears into the ceilings.

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