Update on datagrid not updating

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The Data Grid has built in support for deletions with the On Delete Command property. In Edit mode, the delete event handler is called even if the user cancels the Message Box! \");"); } } Now you need to modify the delete event handler to trap the delete event if the selected row is in edit mode. This code post a warning to the user, and immediately returns from the delete event handler. Item Index) { Reset Page Index(Data Grid1,view); text Box Message. To String(); string debug= "No errors."; // Updates the dataset table try { Data Row dr= data Set11.authors. Fill(data Set11); //if Update fails, refresh dataset debug= exc.

So why use custom code to do something what is already there :) I didn't find anything the tool can do what the new import features can't do (yet). Orbit One is a software development agency located in Ghent, Belgium.The Data Grid will use this property to register the delete event handler: " Height="270px" Width="679px" On Update Command="Data Grid1_Update" On Cancel Command="Data Grid1_Cancel" On Edit Command="Data Grid1_Edit" On Delete Command="Data Grid1_Delete" Border Color="Blue" On Item Command="Item_Click" Allow Sorting="True" On Sort Command="Data Grid1_Sort" Allow Paging="True" On Page Index Changed="Data Grid1_Page" Back Color="#C0FFFF" Using the Design view, you can add a "Delete" button to the Data Grid by right clicking on the Data Grid and choosing the property builder. To String(); string debug= "No errors."; // Updates the dataset table try { Data Row dr= data Set11.authors. Fill(data Set11); //if Update fails, refresh dataset debug= exc. Text= debug; } Since the data in the Data Grid may not be synchronized with the data in the Data Set, you must find the proper row in the Data Set using the primary key of the selected row. This is done in your Data Grid1_Item Created event handler. Under "Columns", expand the "Available Column" "Button Column". Message; } // check for invalid page index Reset Page Index(Data Grid1,view); Data Grid1. You can retrieve the selected row's primary key by calling: This works only if you have declared the primary key field in the Data Grid by setting the "Data Key Field" to "au_id". The following is taken from Jeff Prosise's article Wicked Code in MSDN Magazine (August, 2002). Alternating Item) { Web Control button = (Web Control) e. Page Size); } } } As a final step, add client side Java Script support, popping up a Message Box to confirm a deletion.The WPF Application Framework (WAF) is a lightweight Framework that helps you to create well structured WPF Applications.

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It supports you in applying a Layered Architecture and the Model-View-View Model (aka MVVM, M-V-VM, Presentation Model) pattern.

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