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If you have a Facebook profile, app and bookmark the app.If children in your care are on Facebook, get them to search ‘Click CEOP’ in Facebook and give them to chance to be one click away from help – if they should ever need it.

Click Thinkuknow for an excellent website with lots of useful info for you and your children.

Chat sites are a great way to meet people online and can be lots of fun.

But they are open to misuse, so make sure your children are as cautious of strangers online as they would be in the outside world.

Talk with your children to agree what kind of sites they are allowed to visit.

Then check to make sure that they stay within these agreed limits. The best Internet filtering software blocks access to all chat to keep children safe from the threat of dangerous persons, masquerading as kids.

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Tell your children if they receive any obscene, abusive or threatening messages, they shouldn't respond, but to let you know, and you should consider telling your Internet service provider.

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