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So how can you learn to identify these things about a man? Or the kind of guy who hasn’t spent two seconds of his time thinking about what he really wants with a woman or what his feelings mean. and another good way to learn about emotionally available and unavailable men is to read some more of my newsletters. If you’re the kind of woman who really wants the kind of man that will NURTURE you and make you feel loved – then you need to know if a man will be this way BEFORE you get too involved.OBSERVATION AND ANALYSIS #2: After chatting with her for a little while, you said, “I have to get going”. OBSERVATION AND ANALYSIS #3: After you got her number, you said, “I’ll call you at the end of the week and maybe we can meet up to develop our friendship a little more”. If you’re running into a resistant and withdrawing man, there’s one PLAIN and SIMPLE FACT that you MUST remember: There’s not enough convincing, discussing or pleading in the world that can help a man “get it” and make him open and connected with a woman. If you can learn to do this, you’ll be able to avoid the painful and frustrating situation of getting physically and emotionally involved with a man who just doesn’t have the emotional capacity to fulfill you in a serious relationship.What would most guys do in a situation like this one? they’d cling to this girl like peanut butter sticks to the roof of a dog’s mouth. If you’ve ever been in this situation, then it’s time to understand that no matter how much of a “good guy” a man might seem, and if his ACTIONS aren’t those of an emotionally “available” guy, then it doesn’t matter what you think might be inside waiting to come out.and you possess an important quality: Willingness to TRY THINGS. You wouldn’t even notice him if he walked in front of you. And you may have also noticed that the guy who wrote the letter featured in this newsletter, started off with “I just bought your book today…”. If you haven’t downloaded your copy, then you need to do that IMMEDIATELY.

And here’s where there’s a serious problem for TONS of women. No, this won’t scare him off – IF you do it the right way. He’s the kind of guy you probably don’t want to be with anyways.

They fall into the trap of getting physically and emotionally involved with a man BEFORE learning how truly open and available he is, and will be over time, with his ACTIONS. Hint, hint- the kind of guy who sees any kind of deeper emotional discussion or connection as “DRAMA” and doesn’t know how to deal with it.

” Now, the fact that you’re an average-looking guy REALLY makes something like this work. Someone come over here and give me a hug before I start crying. Have you ever connected and had great chemistry with a man, but when things started to get close he pulled away? What made the guy act differently or change his mind? Well, if you’re like lots of women, then you probably spent all kinds of time and energy trying to figure out what was wrong with him and what his issues were.

With one comment you actually communicated more than most guys communicate in HOURS. In other words, they would have basically communicated that they were needy Wussbags instead of communicating that they understood the situation and what they were dealing with. But in the back of your mind there was a thought and a fear that bothered you even more… But if you’ve ever blamed yourself, beat yourself up inside and become painfully frustrated because a man has withdrawn from you, then guess what? There was something going with HIM, which was his fault. There was probably also something that YOU DID that helped to DRIVE HIM AWAY or that kept him from getting to a deeper level of attraction, intimacy and desire to be with you.

You effectively said, “I’m not intimidated by you, and, in fact, I’m so comfortable around beautiful women, that I can make funny comments like this one…”. they would have said, “Hey, maybe I can take you out on a date this week… And, of course, they probably wouldn’t have had a chance of seeing that woman ever again (except in their one-handed fantasies). That there was something wrong with YOU, and that it was something you did or something about who you are that drove him away. Here’s the good news- There’s something you can do about both of these situations.

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Beautiful women walk around in the world surrounded by BORING, needy, approval-seeking guys. When someone shows up and actually demonstrates some HUMOR and some PERSONALITY and some STRENGTH, it really stands out. By breaking off the interaction yourself when it was on an UP NOTE, you made yourself FAR more attractive to her. With the first situation I’ll give you the short answer right now, in a couple of easy steps. Step 1: Learn to IDENTIFY and SCREEN for “emotionally available” men Women who can do this usually enjoy much happier and stable love-lives than the “average” woman.

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  1. My childhood friend Amy was about to “ditch” her suitor Dr. Ugh – must be a narcissist, jackass”, and the judgements abounded. So, the moral of the dating story for this week is this: ”If more than 70% of the date is good (and the 30% has none of the deal breakers above – just minor trangressions/awkwardness) give him or her a second chance!

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