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Tao of dating ebook

How to use “Shredder Texts” to destroy objections, flakiness, or bad behavior…The power of “Go Big Texts” to reel a girl back in that seemed to have slipped away…How to use the “Couple Compliment” Text to build a sense of connection, and have her imagining a future with you (If you are going to send her a compliment, this is the ONLY way to do it.)Plus, the shocking power of the “No Big Deal” text (This is where you learn to use “subtext” to have her thinking your a cool, socially intelligent guy)…And, a 30-day free trial of the (optional) where you can learn (by watching) how to turn ordinary texts and make them magnetic, the most advanced strategies and techniques, and secrets used by the biggest players to dominate various social scenes.And you’ll have access to all of these Phase, and beyond.one of the texts that’s been proven and tested over and over.

Simply because, texting has become an essential step in the mating dance. Interested girls will gets her imagining spending time with you in the near future.

How to send texts that create “bottled up” sexual tension and have her squirming in her seat at work (Do this right and she’ll be picking out her sexiest outfit for your next date.)And…

you’ll also get templates, examples and prescribed responses when she says…

And shows that you get her, and that she’s not just another number on your phone.

And finally, the last text has her desperate to spend time with you. That’s 3 simple texts that capture her attention, build connection and get her to meet you.

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(There’s even a part about sexting and threesomes.)It gives you a lot of actionable info, simple rules for each phase and, more importantly, examples of magnetic messages you can use right away.

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