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Speed dating boulder co

Contour lines were invented on the mountain as part of an experiment to determine the mass of the earth. Region: Perthshire Altitude: 1083 metres votes cast) You must be registered and signed-in to vote Schiehallion from the Braes of Foss Ascent by the route given above is strongly encouraged.

The only sensible alternative is an approach from near East Tempar Farm, heading up a track by the Tempar Burn before striking off to ascend the west ridge.

This item was posted on August 3, 2010, and it was categorized as Climate Change, ice cores, paleoclimatology, sea level rise. White is a paleoclimatologist — he studies ancient climates to understand better how Earth’s climate system works.

Jim White leaning on the wing of an airplane at the North Greenland Ice Core Project site in 2004. ) He has just returned from another trip to Greenland — this time with a sober assessment of where we’re headed with climate change This morning I interviewed James White, the director of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research here in Boulder, for KGNU radio’s “How on Earth” science show.

A whaleback ridge from most viewpoints, it appears as a perfect cone when seen from across Loch Rannoch.

The ice cores that he and his colleagues drill from Greenland and Antarctica tell us that the last time greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere were as high as they are today, the world was even warmer than it is now, Greenland was largely deglaciated, and sea level was 10 to 15 feet higher.

In the interview, White barely mentioned reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases to mitigate climate change, although I know he thinks this would be a very good idea.

Instead, he emphasized the need for societies to adapt to what he considers to be inevitable and very significant changes.

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The rightmost column shows how many summits were included in their report, which may help you to find the most relevant reports.

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