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Spam definitions not updating symantec

When you order Symantec Email Security, your Client Net account is provisioned without domains. This KB outlines how to add aliases inside of your Spam Manager account to consolidate quarantines for multiple users inside of one Spam Manager.* Log in to your Spam Manager at https://spammanager-3.[https://spammanager-3.messagelabs...The version of this product available through Tech Soup is the Not for Resale (NFR) version. If you are seeking a new release, you will need to request a new donation through Tech Soup.

BEFORE YOU POINT YOUR DOMAINS MAIL SERVER TO SYMANTEC FOR FILTERING YOU NEED TO ADD IN ALL OF YOUR ACTIVE EMAIL ADDRESSES AND ALIASES. This KB outlines the essential steps for setting up and activating Symantec Email Security after you've ordered your account. Adding your domain [ You can add Use the Spam Manager to add aliases to consolidate your quar...This KB article outlines the steps needed to add your domains mail servers (inbound routes) in your Client Net account.This email will include a serial number certificate as a PDF file and and a license file in zip form.If your organization uses a firewall, be sure it is configured to accept files from This donation includes a one-year subscription for use of the product, protection updates, and new product features.

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The subscription starts on the date Symantec issues your serial certificate, (typically a few days after your order is processed through Tech Soup Canada).