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Sextdating without membership

One report suggests that half of adolescents have been asked to send naked pictures of themselves and one in four have actually done it [2].These figures get higher among students and young adults [3]. You may have already heard a lot about the public concern around sexting, as it’s had a fair bit of media attention.When we talk about sexting, we’re including anything from sexually suggestive texts to any sexually explicit message sent by text or social media, including those with naked pictures attached [1].Sexting is fairly common among teenagers, and even more common among young adults and university students.Words and pictures can be shared, either accidentally or deliberately, and there’s never a guarantee that your sext will only be seen by the person you sent it to. Feeling the pressure A recent study showed that more than half of university age students had felt pressured into sexting, and had sent messages and images that they didn’t really want to [6].

If you send a sext, remember that it’s no longer in your control.

So remember this if you’re trying to convince someone to send you a naked picture.

Even if you have a great relationship and really trust each other, your partner is allowed to make a choice about what they will or won’t send you, just as they have a choice about what they will or won’t do. Unwanted but consensual sexting among young adults: Relations with attachment and sexual motivations.

In other words, even if someone says it’s OK, they still might be secretly worried about it.

Before you click ‘send’, make sure you’ve got consent from the person at the other end.

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Just imagine how you’d feel receiving a picture of someone’s bits and bobs that you didn’t want or weren’t ready to see. Prevalence and characteristics of youth sexting: A national study.

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