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I am Zack Heene for, I am going to show you an easily accessible way to stay in touch with your close family and friends by using a teleconferencing program called Skype.The items you will need are: a computer that is on-line (the faster the internet connection the better), a web camera and microphone, either built into the computer or an external plug-in one, preferably a headset with a microphone.

First if you don’t have the program Skype loaded on your computer, let’s get it on

Click the download icon then on the left side click, download now. If a Skype window doesn’t open up then double click on the icon.

Then click “I agree, create account.” Enter in the information asked.

You can test your system or click "get started." You can search for your family and friends who use Skype too. Then click on the one that is in the correct city, click add contact and type a short message to tell the person to add you as a contact if they are not at their computer to answer your call. If you can’t hear the person that you are video conferencing with, check your speaker volume and if they can’t hear you make sure your microphone is plugged into your computer and activated correctly. But if you want to make regular phone calls from Skype, it will cost you and you need to use your credit card, the free video calling is really cool being able to see the person you are talking too.

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