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Self liquidating asset

The same basic concept applies in terms of residential real estate.

There are a number of examples of this type of investment activity, ranging from municipal projects to real estate.

The advantage of the ‘self-liquidating theory’ of commercial bank asset is mainly derived from the fact that such loans are considered to liquidate themselves automatically out of the sale of goods covered by such a transaction.

is a term that is used to describe any investment in which the acquired stock, bond, property, or other holding has the inherent capability to offset the expense that was incurred in order to acquire the asset.

One example of a self-liquidating asset would be the construction of a building or toll bridge for use in a city or town.

Because the building could be leased out to tenants and generate a regular income, it has the inherent ability to eventually pay off the total cost of the original building project.

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Self-liquidating income can be realized from participating in various types of investment markets, such as the foreign currency exchange market.

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