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Sagetv guide not updating

I have also tried some of the usual things when WMC acts up -- unplugging and re-plugging the Cable CARD; closing down WMC and relaunching it; shutting down the computer and rebooting -- all to no avail.

I am out of ideas and my wife is out of patience: we can't record series on cable anymore, and on Sunday she had to do a manual recording of "Mad Men" and babysit the TV to make sure that it worked.

With the former (but only when there is some indication that anything's happening), after it processes various things it gives me a brief notice that says, "Failed to retrieve updates (Error: Headend ID xxxxxxxx is invalid.)", where the x's are an eight-digit number.

Recently I found that no programs were scheduled for recording on my Media PC.

The only channels that have current EPG data are the high-definition local channels: we have nothing for regular cable channels (AMC, History, etc.) or for the standard-def local channels.

I've tried manually updating the guide from within WMC; from the Notification Area icon; by clicking directly on MCUPDATE.

EXE in Windows Explorer; by creating a desktop icon and then clicking on it (with and without administrator rights); and even by going into the Task Scheduler and running it from there.

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Most of the time, the result is literally nothing: there is no feedback, no indication that it's done anything.

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