Rihanna dating colin farrell

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Rihanna dating colin farrell

at Giorgio Baldi, an intimate Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif., Ri Ri spotted Colin across the room. He’s smoking.” Colin came over to her table and gestured to the photogs staking out the restaurant. It can turn out bad.” Rihanna knows what she’s talking about.

“He probably thinks I’m starting all these crazy rumors,” she says. “Our friends outside are gonna get some good mileage out of this. It’s on complete nil.” At the time of the interview earlier this month, Rihanna says she hadn’t had sex for at least four months! She was embarrassed when graphic pictures of her hit the web two years ago. When a fan sent her a link to a few of the shots recently, she replied: ‘That would be…ME, when I was skinny!

“Wow, didn’t it seem like just yesterday she was dating baseball player Matt Kemp and then linked to Drake?

And Hollywood Life doesn’t “waste any time” either…

Gossip Cop said at the time it was entirely “not true,” but we’ve decided to revisit that ridiculous report on this Throwback Thursday.

According to the webloid’s story from three years ago, Rihanna and Farrell have “fallen hard for one another and it’s moving quickly.” The bogus blog noted how they “really hit it off” after meeting on a British TV show several months before, and how excited Rihanna was to meet his children.

” Rihanna and Colin met when they were both guests on , Rihanna and Colin have tentative plans to meet up in Los Angeles soon.

have “fallen hard for one another and it’s moving quickly.” Supposedly, the two stars “really hit it off” after meeting on “The Graham Norton Show” back in December, and now Rihanna will reportedly fly from her Australian tour leg to Los Angeles to meet Farrell’s children this weekend. with annoyances like checking facts, seeing if a story passes the smell test, or looking for any kind of evidence that the two stars have been dating at all – let alone “getting serious.” Gosh if everything was believed that they claimed on Rihanna, she’d be dating the whole of Hollywood.

Reports circulated that the singer and actor were dating after they were both spotted at an L. Not sure how that particular spin got started (Rihanna does have a history of sexting topless pics), but they had just met on the U.

“Colin was taken aback by some of the texts,” a source tells the newspaper. Colin isn’t the only man on single Rihanna’s radar– the “Rude Boy” singer has been linked to rap star Drake and was recently spotted getting chatted up by actor Ryan Phillippe.

We’re going to be texting each other all f**king night!

Rihanna and Colin Farrell are not dating and/or sexting despite persistent rumors to the contrary. This isn't the first time rumors have swirled about the two celebrities getting cozy.

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Here's the update on this uber-hot non-relationship. Just last month, reports circulated that they were "sexting" back and forth.