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Posted by / 31-May-2016 12:50

Reliance voicechat sex talking number

Other features, such as emoticons, stickers, etc is also included.

It looks like the best time for similar chat apps to borrow working and refreshing features from existing famous platforms.

When on a voice chat, you an also switch to video calling, without disconnecting.

Sharing of files, other than just photos, video and audio, seems to be included.

Similar to Hike, Jio Chat also includes the feature to send your messages using standard SMS texts in case your friend is not on an internet connection, or if he/she does not have Jio Chat installed. Reports also state that Reliance Jio may also release additional apps covering health, finance, e-commerce and TV etc.

Additional channels: The Jio Chat also offers latest news updates from channels like Mumbai Indians Channel, HTC, Paytym.

The user interface of Jio Chat closely resembles Whats App, which allows you to invite your friends to download and chat.

The chat app also includes features borrowed from Skype (voice and video chats) and Hike (for hiding messages).

You can send and receive any document or file on Jio Chat.

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Additionally, users can also share their location and status while they are online – similar to what Whats App offers in the latest version.