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You can always start off the conversation by asking for a good book to recommend you to read.Who knows, the two of you might just click because you both have read a similar book.These places are the most diverse areas you can explore, and who knows, you might even meet your life partners here!The similar interests that you have can strike a good conversation with many of the girls located in these pockets of Singapore.At the same time, you can meet some nice girls at this club.In fact, most girls you will meet here aren’t actually the party kind of girls.

National Library Same as the bookstore, but you are bound to see many university students here from the nearby schools.

Although this place is quiet, but this means that you can have a good private conversation with her without any distraction.

Ion Orchard Upscale and classy girls are all here shopping for the next new fashion trend into their wardrobe.

This is the best place to meet girls who are fashionable and can put on the best combination of brands.

Conversational topics can revolve around school work, partying, and places to chill after a long day at school.

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There are many good restaurants around this area which you can setup your date with her. This is the place to let go of all your inhibitions.