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Paula zahn dating 2016

But what appeared to be a routine morning at the motel quickly became an unforgettable nightmare when a housekeeper entered room 205 to clean up. The woman was identified as the store’s assistant manager, 24-year-old Vicki Knight.Investigators found no signs of break in but 00 was missing from the store’s safe.

A trail of blood and broken cornstalks leads police to the body of 21-year-old waitress Lora Beth Williamson.Will police be able to find the evidence needed to bring a dangerous predator to justice? It was the middle of the night when a Sheriff’s deputy’s headlights illuminated a shocking sight.On the morning of March 27th, 2003 a woman working at church and daycare center in Greenville, Ohio was struck by a disturbing sight.A four-year-old boy wearing blood stained pajamas was standing at the front door.It was the lifeless body of young woman, lying on the ground off the side of a dark cemetery’s access road.

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November 11, 1983, it was checkout time at the Comfort Inn in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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