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that area of the brain that creates that bonding and men uh … using pornography or in an inappropriate relationship.

have about half the size of that capacity for that bonding. That would break my heart, because I would think of the large number that, that represents— Three, 350 pastors every month calling and letting us know that they're struggling. Don't get me wrong and I don't want them to hide, um … And in fact, your husband, Bob, experienced that, as well. Jim: Talk about that, the power of it, how you and Bob got through it—Dannah: Yeah.

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Teaser: Dannah Gresh: What I have seen is, that the Christian conversation can sometimes sound just like a big "Thou shalt not." And we treat sex and we talk to our children, we treat sex um …

If you have young children, you're gonna want to move them to something else right now if you can. if you didn't hear the discussion last time, let me encourage you to download it for your smartphone or get a copy of the CD, 'cause there's nothing more important that you can do right now if you're a parent of particularly teenagers than to start and have these very down-to-earth discussions about their sexuality. and Dannah has made a mission in life to help parents do that. The physical is just the conduit to what God truly designed for us to experience. Dannah: And pornography is probably the greatest way that Satan can remove us from a real human being. Dannah: Well, I have a husband thankfully, who hates his sin--Jim: Hm. When you're unwell to the point where a surgeon has to open you up to bring out the sickness, there's a period of acute pain. He calls it his "tether to God" and his "tether to his Christian brothers." And when you begin to look at the battle like that, um … John: Well, you're giving hope to couples to at least admit that there's a problem here. John: Because there were consequences before he came to you with—Dannah: Yeah.

If you want them to be healthy, you've gotta take charge. There's not even another person to know when a woman is reading 50 Shades of Grey or a man is surfing the net looking for pornography. Dannah: --and doesn't hide it, because both of us have learned um … And there's a period where it sure doesn't feel good to get better. I think it becomes something you begin winning—Jim: Yeah.

And yet, it shows such a beautiful picture of how God really intended it. Dannah also mentioned research that showed that um … but the fact that our leadership is struggling in that way. Jim: What is so powerful about sexuality in our human experience that it can grab us like that? Jim: --yet the damage it did at the time for your relationship. And in the Scriptures, the word shakab is used to describe acts …

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men who are older at the end of their lives said what they felt about their sexual experiences. she really has dedicated a lot of her life to this part of … Dannah Gresh has written a book that we'll really be zeroing in on today. And even those of us that know better allow those things to happen, that we allow ourselves to get addicted to watching pornography, even when we're in positions where we know better. Dannah: It's devastating and the thing that comes to my mind is the contrast of what we talked about on yesterday's program, the word yada being this deep knowing, this deep um … The word that God uses in the Old Testament for the sexual act doesn't even use words to describe anything physical happening. So, in rather than turning to the "thou shalt not" verses about sexuality, I go … Well, you can't know or be known by the pixel on a computer screen. is used to describe acts of sexual sin in the Old Testament. It was often paired with the Hebrew word, sikba, which means "emission." So, basically what the word meant was to exchange body fluids.