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Palm springs sex chat phone numbers

I manage to get over to Palm Springs about 5 times a year (live in San Diego) and although I have stayed in many hotels in the past, my last 20 visits or so have been at All Worlds Resort. All in all a grerat location, close to downtown and all that Warm Sands has to offer. The first warning sign should have been the sign prominently displayed above the check-in counter saying "no refunds on early checkout." I'm guessing that early checkout-- and arguing about refunds for it-- is an everyday occurrence at All Worlds.

In the heart of old Palm Springs, close to everything, a very nice resort with 4 pools in separate areas, nice amenities, great staff and most of the rooms are very nice, clean and comfortable. I recently stayed at All World's Resort for a long weekend. I have stayed at other places, for the price you can't beat this place. I was up very early one morning and the pool boy was out cleaning and checking on the pool. That said, I will start with the positives, which there were some.

Will continue to stay at All Worlds since they also get many locals on "day passes". The DJ and stripper made sure everyone was enjoying them selves. We look forward to going to Palm Springs again and staying at All Worlds Resort.

Have stayed several times, in several seasons at All Worlds Resort, Palm Springs.

Each time was great fun with the other guys visiting.

One guest overheard me talking to a staff member about this.

Best when the temperature is not 110deg F but still was a great time.

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Clean facilities, several great pools, large facility to walk (cruise) around. Everything was in working order and teh stadd was very friendly.

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