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If you are looking at instruments to buy be aware that people don't always tell me when they sell their instrument.If the instrument has been listed for over a year there is a 50 percent chance that it is sold. Free shipping, but selling only within the continental USA. contact: [email protected] picture picture November 1 2016 11 Course Archlute (2015) 13 Pear Ribs with Ebony spacers; AAA Spruce belly; Plays very nicely with sweet, bright tones; New Pyramid string; New gut frets. 50 [email protected] picture picture picture picture October 31 2016 John Rollins 8 course lute for sale 2500€ - 1991 - with Kingham case Yew back, had a crack (see picts) but is now professionnaly repaired and the back is newly varnished. +41788155230 [email protected] picture picture September 27 2016 6c LUTE by MARTIN HAYCOCK after Gerle (2007). It is a beautiful sounding lute with great projection, and a particularly beautiful figured ash back. For more details contact Benjamin Narvey at luthiste AT It is a big theorbo with a great sound, perfect to play continuo in medium and big bands. Price including case: 2700 EUR The instrument is in the south of Germany: [email protected] June 25 2015 updated November 4 2016 14-course Sellas archlute (liuto attiorbato) by Jason Petty Based the Matteo Sellas of 1630, this archlute of 61 cm (91cm diapasons). Maple back and sides and of course a nice spruce soundboard. I love this guitar and I'm only selling out of need. October 12 2016 10-course lute after Venere (65cm) by Stephen Murphy. At the moment in Helsinki, but I can also bring it to anywhere in Germany. Curly ash body, neck/fingerboard in spanish black walnut. Built in 2016 and visible in Almeria (Spain) with soft case Price: 2400€ Including VAT. Phone: 0034 629012929 picture October 2 2016 theorbo Ricardo Brané, 1979 in Florence. email: [email protected], for photos etc. Ph.0484332428 September 22 2016 Five course baroque guitar by Stephen Murphy, after Stradivarius (2012) 68 cm stringlength a'415 Body of figured maple with ebony stripes Top of spruce from the Jura Neck, fingerboard and peg head veneered with ebony and sycamore Pegs of boxwood Pine resin and linseed oil varnish Like all guitars from Murphy it has a beautiful and sweet tone and is extremely comfortable to play. The lute can be seen and tried in the area of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Powerful projection and capable of a wide range of tonality. It’s true I have retired from lute making after 45 years, but only from taking orders for instruments. This one was built after spending a month in Italy last year looking at museum instruments and catching up on the creations of Italian lute makers. The body of this lute is scaled down from a lute by Laux Maler, 11 ribs.Please reply to the sellers directly, and not to me.If you buy or sell one of these lutes, please notify me so I can take it off the list!

De Groninger Bodem Beweging wil een referendum, wij ook. Laten we onze krachten bundelen om gaswinning tijdelijk te stoppen of terug te schroeven.Minister Kamp, doe iets voordat er een ‘echte’ ramp gebeurt!Now there is an RSS feed for this page - Course Renaissance Lute 2014 by Kenneth Wryn, based on Hieber Like New condition Fitted Kenneth Wryn deluxe custom hard case included String length 590mm, width at nut 69mm, neck thickness at nut ~21mm, neck/body joint 25mm 17 Rosewood ribs 40+ years aged with African Blackwood spacers Spruce soundboard from Bob Lundberg ~1990 – 1992 African Blackwood fingerboard/neck veneer/peg box French Polish bowl and peg box, oil on neck Strung with Pyramid rectified nylon – silk/brass overspun Extra unopened set of Pyramid strings – silver LOXX strap locks – can accommodate wooden buttons 00 plus shipping Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA Contact: +1 3 – [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture November 6 2016 14c Theorbo made by Ivano Conti, Les Bayards, Switzerland, 1983. dl=0 November 2 2016 1830s Lacote guitar built by me--Sterling Price-- in the workshop of Michael Thames, who signed underneath the soundboard. There are engraved ivory panels (made from ivory piano keys). String Length: 58.5//86 The instrument has very good sound, projection and sounds very loud though is very small and easy to carry up (Moreover It has a red Riboni soft case). I am selling this instrument as I will focus my limited time on baroque lute. It carries the warmer Spanish sound alongside the bright long distance projection of the French style. In excellent condition (both the case and the instrument). v=N2l Elx Iit54 Price (instrument + good hard case): 3300 dollars (not include shipping) Located in Israel. The lute needs new strings and it has a home made strong case but would need a more sucure one if traveling. This is a fantastic instrument with a warm sound which I have often played in concerts.85,7/160 cm, total length 185 cm 31 ribs of yew, spruce top, ebony fingerboard. The perfectly working tuning pegs are made of very white holly. It is perfect to play in A (4.15/4.40) because of his size. price: € 4000 Contact: [email protected]+41 78 647 90 18 picture picture picture picture picture October 22 2016 10-course lute based on the Magno Tieffenbrucker C.45 body (640mm) by Lars Jönsson 2014. For more information and photos please contact: [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture October 12 2016 7crs lute by Stephen Haddock (refurbished by Klaus Jacobsen, 2014), 58cm. Slight mark on the soundboard from recent refurbishment. Comes with soft case however I have a strong plastic box to post it in. Photos available on my website - Please email [email protected] more details/photos. Collan/Linkola 00 358 50 5454483 [email protected] picture October 9 2016 six course lute , inspired by Frei. I'm selling it for ,500 even though its worth a lot more than that. The only reason I am selling it is because I am not playing regularly anymore. At 79cm, a perfect size for anyone looking to transfer from Ren. This was my concert theorbo for years and is currently tuned in G.Dit is een initiatief van Groningen dichtbij: Lees het nieuws over de aardbevingen Gaswinning in de provincie Groningen zorgt voor steeds meer en steeds zwaardere aardbevingen.

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