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Katy Mixon: Ok, well, this is how I would handle it. I'd contact all five of them and say 'we are in dire straights, and I'm going to need one of you to call and answer the phone! (Mom and Dad, don't get any ideas.) The movie buff also watches at least one movie a day to make sure he hits 365 a year.

' And by the way, here's a cast member fun fact for you: Nyambi Nyambi (pronounced Knee-am-bee), who plays Samuel, is getting his second master's degree and is trained in classical Shakespeare.

I've been to Chicago many, many times and my hair never looks that good, ever! I'm like, ' The wind will make that slide off, right along with the perfect hair!

I went to the University for a semester on an art scholarship and then gave it up to become a stand-up comic. [laughs] And then I moved to Chicago where I lived for about seven years.

So those two concepts sort of blended together and it became Mark: I grew up in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

One of our favorite TV couples is tying the knot tonight in the CBS season finale (don't worry—season 3 and married life will be here before you know it!

), and we went behind the scenes with one of the funniest casts on television to find out the off-screen antics that keeps this cast in stitches! Because they all crack me up for different reasons.

She'd be like, 'what do you need darling?

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Because Katy lives closer, and she'd actually come out.

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