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I mean, do they really help you find a job in your respective field or they just have some generic/labor jobs etc and just filling in paperwork etc and not really doing something worthwhile?The only thing JSA are good for is using their phones, computers and printers to sort out your resume and to follow up on jobs. Your best bet is to register with a labour hire agency for more skilled type work. I'll be leaving work in a few months with 60 weeks redundancy, so not entitled to a payment, but from what I understand, being registered with CL allows discounted training etc.I guess you might get lucky if you're looking for generalized work but for specific stuff you should look into yourself using Seek or something else like it.You can create accounts to track the jobs you applied for and send resumes straight to the company rather than rely on a third party.If you apply for financial aid from Centerlink, make sure you're independent from your parents/guardian because they'll pay you less if you're under 21 or 'dependent' on your family. Seems to me they just do all they can to make life more difficult.Seems you get less money per fortnight if you moved out just because you wanted to, which was my situation. Centrelink is pretty much on par, treacherous bastards to be polite. You can get a few subsidies, health care card, cheaper train fares (have to push for that one tho) Centerlink are not about getting people jobs havent been for a long time, Centerlink are there to get people off of benefits and dole, they are not to worried about how this is done as long as you are not on benefits to many JSA and private agencys fighting over jobs and when you find and apply for a job you will get a standard reply like " Should you not have received any contact from our office within fourteen (14) days, you may consider that your application has not been successful." Ill explain my experience with JSA, albeit 4 years ago, so bear with me.

Its worth it to register wih Centrelink because you might be eligible for a Health Care card which gets you percriptions for instead of + each. Generally Centrelink and JSA are there to enforce compliance for your dole money.Dont expect them to actually have jobs, JSA members get their income for running you around in circles until you find your own job.Is it really worthwhile to register with Centerlink and Job Services Australia? In order to get JSA help you need to be registered with Centrelink. do you register for centrelink even if you are not entitled to a payment? Ok Centrelink just dishes out payments and JSA in the main just dishes out labouring/ unskilled jobs.They will help you write a resume if you need one but are generally worthless.

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Yeah I was with Centerlink for their fortnightly payments while I looked for a job.