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Lesbian speed dating gay sketch show

And to be honest, the skits that had little to do with gayness were often much funnier than the ones that lampooned gay life.It's not as if the characters are making out with one another left and right anyway (that actually happens more frequently on other shows than here), so the sexuality of the performers is, for the most part, irrelevant.The skits that were “about” being gay came across more like gay youth group retreat skits than anything else.The cast is called to play celebrities, children, supernatural creatures, and so forth.All of this is fairly standard stuff for sketch comedy.

Again, this is pretty standard sketch comedy, save a few more gay characters peppered in and some humor based around gay relationships.This makes the fact that most of the cast are gay actors on a gay network an interesting point of novelty, but not really significant when it comes to the comedy itself.Another very funny moment came when Broadway legend Elaine Stritch was shown as working in a Wal-Mart (yes, Broadway icons are very gay, but the skit itself wasn't “gay”).In fact, the character would make a hilarious recurring bit, but for the fact I'm not sure anyone under 35 even knows Elaine Stritch's name.When the news was announced that Logo (owner of After Elton.com) was launching a “gay” sketch comedy show, many people were probably puzzled.

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” “Aren't the writers going to run out of “gay” ideas for skits?

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