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Joshua dating hollie

Hollie’s parents, Nina and Jason, confessed their daughter’s audition was an afterthought and revealed she nearly didn’t perform at all.‘We were taking Josh because we thought it would be more appropriate for him to get on and progress his career as a 15-year-old lad than a 10-year-old girl,’ Mrs Steel, a 37-year-old NHS audiologist, told the Mail.‘We weren’t really thinking about a career for Hollie at 10, but when she auditioned I could see the judges were a bit taken aback.’Mrs Steel said Joshua, 15, had asked if he could try out for the talent show.

When they agreed to let him take part, they decided it would only be fair to let his younger sister sing as well.

‘There was a time when we were praying that her life would be safe.’When Hollie fell ill, one doctor told her parents she had a ‘bad cough’ while another claimed she had a urine infection.

But with her angelic voice and cheeky grin, 10-year-old ballerina Hollie Steel wowed the judges and is now one of the favourites to win the show.

You don’t question them,’ Mrs Steel said.‘She’d been at home for nearly two weeks before we ended up taking her to A&E.‘Straight away they said there was something wrong with her breathing.

The siblings went to an audition in front of the show’s producers in Manchester in November last year, and performed one after the other.

While Joshua’s rendition of Fly Me to the Moon and tapdance routine failed to impress, Hollie was told she would be coming back to sing in front of judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Piers Morgan and Kelly Brook in February.‘Josh took it really well,’ Mrs Steel said. He’s pleased for Hollie.’But when the ten-year-old fell ill just weeks before her big audition, there were doubts over whether she would perform.‘She had come down with a really bad cold about a month before her audition and almost lost her voice.

But I think she’s glad she did now.’Singing I Could Have Danced All Night from musical My Fair Lady, Hollie left the judges open mouthed – and Holden and Brook close to tears.

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