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Jezebel christian dating advice

it is 100% acceptable to be friends with a married man. I do think the single woman should be a friend to both the married man & woman. Her physical husband is hers-Give her-her place-or she may need to take it-that could only cause problems for them and is not fair to her.

Marriage is a Holy institution and should be honored at all cost. Pray that God will allow you to be a sister in Christ who can acknowledge his good qualities, pray for him, but stay out of his circle of intimate friends. Separate the two out of the group and on their own spells disaster.

In His loving grip As long as neither of you have any intentions of crossing the husband /wife boundary, you can be friends.****hmmm so that would e innocent TEMPTATION? If there aren't any problems in the marriage there will be and if the marriage is having problems they will get worse.

Of course anyone who knows my wife and me always likes/loves her best. Any friend of mine that is not a friend of my wife is no friend of mine!!! ****Absolutely all my husbands friends are friends of mine EXCEPT I don't ENTERTAIN their friendships away from my husband ...I don't spend time with them apart from my husband because then I am STEALING from my husband and the time I should be devoting to HIMunderstand? I think its a dangerous situation to put yourself in.Holy Scripture WARNS of temptations ..believe "neither" could be tempted is the LIE of Satan"innocent" friendship is the game many play ...hence divorce rate is better than 60%++ in USA alonemarriage is a partnership sadly many self-professing christians have been SOLD on the LIE they can marry and still behave as if they were single which is why marriage has become so blurred and lawmakers will soon abolisha women of virtue who was a True Believer would never entertain pursue or contemplate ANY friendship with a married man My heart go out to you.. I stay home,go at church I am leary of "too close" married women friends.. The enemy really apt "get you 'n where you don't need get involved! Couples need to befriend couples and likewise for honest,better off not get involved with couples,not good ... If you are a true Christian you need not even ask this question. If you feel the need to minister to her then do it with your wife and never alone, I have seen something like this turn into seeking that forbidden fruit and nothing good came from it.This blogger appears to be up to no good and is seeking approval for her sinful actions.---Elder 10/21/11That is quite a condemnation given that all you know is what the poster told you, namely "the friendship is genuine and pure" A "pure" friendship is perfectly OK provided it does not create any negative feelings by any of the three parties involved, including the mans wife, such as jealousy, envy, covetnous, apprehension, anxiety, or distrust. The only person I can depend on in this world is my wife. Someone who wants a "secret" friendship or one in which she is not involved, be it male or female, will not have any of my time.

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I know what she will do and how she will act/react in any event. This blogger singled out the "married man" in this "friendship.