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As some of you may now know, me and the wifey @tharanatalie are expecting a Lil Sheezy …Sheezette!! Natalie re-grammed the picture, adding “so excited to share the news.” Jay and Natalie have been together since 2010. Jay even poked fun of his posting the sonogram on Instagram, adding the crazy-long hashtags: #ididntaddafiltercozidontknowwhetherthebabyprefersvalenciaorhudson #ihopeigotthelittleonesgoodside #althoghallitssidesareawesometome #sappydaddycomment #itwasalreadybeingadivainthewombposingprofileonly In case you need all that in plain English, Jay said: “I didn’t add a filter coz I don’t know whether the baby prefers Valencia or Hudson,” “I hope I got the little one’s good side,” “Although all its sides are awesome to me,” “Sappy daddy comment,” and “It was already being a diva in the womb posing profile only.” So funny! The marriage took place on August 8, 2009 at The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey.

This place is the most glamorous place to have your wedding and you know you`re doing it big if you decide to get married there.

La La introduced Thara to DJ Clue, to whom she gave her demo CD and after listening to it, he had Thara meet with the rest of his team, and then signed her to his label, Desert Storm.

She landed a Reebok commercial campaign followed by a Verizon campaign.

Shortly after the Verizon commercial, she met Jeremy Skaller, then an up-and-coming producer, who would eventually become a close friend and business partner.

(8th August 2009 - present) 1 child That`s right ladies, you heard it here! When it comes to getting the news, I make sure I check and double-check my facts.

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The rumors were spreading and I had to get my sleaze on. The photographer at the wedding got so much hype that when word spread he was at Jay Sean`s wedding his site was getting massive traffic.