Is xp still updating

Posted by / 24-May-2016 14:21

I have no idea whether they will do something like this again.Believe it or not, it was actually controversial in the press.I can think of at least three separate reasons why that might be happening and in fact, will keep on happening.The first one, of course, is that Internet Explorer was updated at least once recently after support supposedly ended.What’s unclear is if the MSRT, the Malicious Software Removal Tool (part of Microsoft Security software, which is updated roughly once a month) will also be included in future updates for XP.

I’ve allowed them to be installed and nothing untoward has occurred. Several folks have been surprised to see updates still being delivered to their Windows XP machines.Finally, Windows Update – or more correctly, Microsoft Update – can be enabled to update more than just Windows itself.Now, if you’re using Microsoft Security Essentials, realize that it gets its database updates via Windows Update.Microsoft committed to keeping that level of update happening well into next year.Several pundits felt Microsoft should have held to a hard line to get more people to abandon XP sooner, but Microsoft erred on the side of security and provided the update.

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Whether they’ll do that again is pretty much anybody’s guess.