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Spelling errors and grammatical blunders abound in online profiles; do you really want to present yourself as either uneducated or lazy?Self-taken photos reflected off the bathroom mirror with poor lighting and dirty towels in the background rarely make a good first impression.So I don’t think that should deter you from trying it yourself. Right this instant, thousands of girls on OKCupid are receiving scores of dull, vaguely sexual, sometimes vaguely threatening messages from clueless losers. Treat online communications as if you were really there, face to face, at a party.After all, if you’re a young professional who’s often too busy to meet people the conventional way, who’s to say there’s not someone else like you out there on as well, wanting to give this online dating thing a go? In fact, because of those guys, you’re going to have to be pretty good at your first message. Your online profile is your first and best shot at attracting interest. Here are some tips to make sure your online reputation reflects your real-time personality. When ways of meeting people emerged across online dating and then mobile platforms, your digital footprint has started to take precedent over live personal appearances.Plus, there’s another big reason to be choosy, and to be cautious. I don’t want to frighten you away from this endeavour. Face-to-face, you can often sense who’s a nutbag, but online, that’s harder to suss out.“ Instead, use a good, high-quality photo where you’re not looking into a camera; it’s more dynamic, and suggests a life outside of the online dating site. Don’t respond to every message you receive if the person sending to you doesn’t seem like your type.

Cute girls get spammed by breeders and mouthbreathers a lot, so you need to stand out. Candy Tolentino of Huffington Post suggests, “They say that “like attracts like,” so if you want to meet someone who is well-groomed, articulate, and interesting you first need to make sure your profile is of the same caliber.Post realistic but flattering photos, and write something about yourself that is intriguing and tells your suitors what you are passionate about and what makes you tick…Steve Ward, one of the dating industry’s most respected matchmakers, is here to tell Crave Online about the ins and outs for success in a digital dating world.A friend of mine is getting into online dating, and she admitted this to me with some embarrassment and equivocating, with the usual explanation that there’s just not a lot of good places to meet people once you’ve left school. Without the constant rotation of parties, classes and meet-ups that college life facilitates, it’s tough for a young professional to get out there and meet someone compatible. Dating profiles become the equivalent of resumes, listing your likes and dislikes, and giving a capsule impression of who you are as a person. You get to see what the other person is into, get a sense of their personality.Chatting via instant messaging lets you get to know the other person in a quiet, thoughtful environment, where you’re not distracted by a party around you. I’d given it a go a few years back, and I’d ended up on some of the worst dates of my life.

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