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Now compare that with the new, much more conservative way Griffin defends this pick and roll against the Nuggets, barely even coming up to the free throw line to contain Jameer Nelson: THAT'S A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Defense has always been the biggest obstacle of the Clippers in their pursuit of a title.

Since Doc Rivers has taken over as head coach of the Lob City, he has employed an aggressive defensive scheme using his extremely athletic and agile big men De Andre Jordan and Blake Griffin to hard hedge or show and pursue the ball handler, chasing him out past the three point line.

Watch how Blake shows twice against Tony Parker trying to string him out: For the last two years, that type of hyperactive defense has been the Clippers calling card.

I'm not one to put too much stock into anything that happens in preseason basketball, especially the first two games.

Will this new defensive change make the Clippers' defense better?

Let's dive into some pros and cons: Larson: Since we're going to be diving into some basketball X's and O's Caden, I think we should refer to you only as Coach K(inard); let's see if we can get the rest of Clips Nation to start calling you that.

Almost every NBA champion has been a top 10 defensive team, and for the past two years, the Clippers have been close to that mark, but either just missing it or on the very outer bound.

While some of the defensive struggles are masked by a league's best offense, if they want to be considered serious title contenders, they need to make a jump this coming season.

Coach K: When I coached high school basketball I tried so hard to get my players to call me Coach K... I still use the self-declared, completely ripped off nickname daily, it's just no one else has caught on yet.

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Larson: The first pro I see for this new, more conservative Clipper defense is that it's going to make them better in the regular season.