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Hot chat na hrvatskom

Rijeci ovdje upisane su iz raznih dijalekata govorenih u raznim krajevima istre.

Columns can be moved to any order with click on Select Column and dragging anywhere wanted.With Croatian words listed there are also some Serbian words Croatian, Italian (Italy) and English (USA) spell check software was used Note: Istrian is by many in Croatia considered as a dialect of the Croatian language.some Croatian letters with accents will not be sorted properly unless Croatian language is selected and set in MS Word.If you do the sorting please do not save unless you rename the file for your own use.Milan (Milijo) Sari Edward Brumgnach Contributors of many Istrian words Sime Ruzi - Sudcev Birgitta Grndlund Janko Crljenica Dinko S.

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Kalac Davor Sisovi Bepi Sterpinothers Istrian - Croatian - Italian - English Dictionary Istarsko - Hrvatski - Talijanski - Engleski Rjecnik Istriano - Croato - Italiano - Inglese Dizionario Istrijanski - Hrvacki - Talijanski - Ingleski Besidarnik10 000 +Istrijanskih Besid Istarskih Rijeci Parole Istriane Istrian Words ©Copyright 2002Microsoft Word file: ICIE Dictionary Rev3To translate any word of these languages to Istrian click on Edit, Find, type word, Find Next and Find Next again, Find again.......

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