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Greatdatingprofile com

Lying doesn’t get you anywhere in the dating world. Talk in specifics to give a full flavour of who you are.

If you love travelling, say where your favourite place is and why.

‘Play up your love of anything sporty, outdoorsy or public – like concerts and exhibitions.’ Wouldn’t you know, profile photos that demonstrate you playing your guitar or downhill skiing – even if your face isn’t showing – get more messages.

Avoid negative tones and always be positive about yourself. You wouldn’t want a future employer to read anything negative, so why would you want a potential partner to read anything that isn’t positive?

In this fast-paced, social media-dependent world, we rely on the Internet for everything – from keeping in touch with old school friends and career networking to ordering takeaways and finding a cat-sitter for that weekend away.

Many people find poor grammar and spelling a turn off, and the best of us can make mistakes, so be careful on this point.Think of something interesting that could be a conversation starter.‘People have to imagine how they’ll fit into your life, so describing yourself as a “bookworm and internet addict” makes them feel they’d never see you,’ explains’s relationship expert Kate Taylor.That said, the world of online dating can be daunting if you’ve never tried it before, so here are our top tips for making the most of your dating profile and spotting a great potential partner. Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself.Even if you do like “walking on the beach” or “drinking wine in front of a roaring fire” leave it out – everyone says that.

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Put your profile into Word and use your computer spell check for peace of mind.

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