Friends dating sites in fiji

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Because you have a common goal to help each other learn while discussing common interests, you are likely to make meaningful friendships.

Compared to live conversation, there is less pressure, because you can take your time to use a dictionary or refer to your lessons at a time of your convenience.

if there is one place I would love to go to, that would be Israel.

I am desperate in learning Tongan language and I h.....

It is also a great way to improve your writing, reading and grammar skills.

I am french but I also speak English (Im not totally fluent).

I also speak different dialects of Fiji from the Western to the Northern. My great grandparents are from Velitoa, Tonga but I am now living in Fiji in a Province of Serua and is known to others as Fijian.

It was from our ancestors History that we are originally from Tonga.

I really would like to learn Fijian because it would help me a lot for my work and also because I like the Fijian culture.

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If anyone is interested in teaching me Fijian, it would be great .....