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Because The Landslide Was SO BIG MSM Pissed Away Its Last Shred Of Credibility Post-Election NYT Crow-Eating Time New York Times: Apologist For Power Entire Profession Of Journalism Permanently Disgraced Those Big-Time Polls - Rigged Or Just Clueless?

Escobar - ‘Trump Won White House Via Social Media American Uprising - Everything Is About To Change The Hollywood 'Celebrities' Who Promised To Leave If Trump Wins - Honor You Pledges Truth Is The Enemy Of The State Trump’s Geographic Landslide Roberts - The Working Class Won The Election Israel Shamir - Congratulations, Folks!

‘Trump Win Signal For EU Elites To Change Course First Brexit, Now Trump…What’s Next?

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Leonard Coldwell On The Horrible Muslim Jeff & Jim Marrs - Conspiracy Theorists Have Been Right All Along Dow Closes At RECORD HIGH After Trump Win Putin - Trump Has Saved The Planet From WW3 Trump Meets Obama In Oval Office Trump Promises Action On Immigration, Health Care And Major Jobs Creation Trump - System Is Rigged Despite Election Victory Trump Campaign Manager Will Not Rule Out A Special Prosecutor For Hillary Clinton Did Hillary Just Start Michelle's 2020 Presidential Bid?

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Sanders 'Won't Rule Out' 2020 Bid 40 Yrs Clinton Sex, Lies, Crimes End In Humiliation Death Of A Criminal Dynasty Rotten To The Core 50% Of Hillary's Loss Came From Democrat Women Who Refused To Vote For Her Atzmon - On Trump’s Victory 1,000s Paid Agitators In Streets Protest Trump Election Dozens Of Idiots Arrested In Anti-Trump Protests Soros, BLM Thugs Behind Anti-Trump Protests Soros Paid 'Social Justice' Warriors At Trump Tower Nationwide Anti-Trump Protests Rock US Black Mob Beats Trump Voter - 'You're Gonna Pay For That Shit' Blacks Kick White Man In Head, Car Stolen Wrongheaded Anti-Trump Protests Tax Cuts, New Jobs, Infrastructure Rebuilding Key Parts Of Trump’s Economic Platform US Senate Aiming To Repeal Obamacare Trump Has To Deal With Obama's Toxic Legacy Farage To Be Trump Ambassador To The EU?