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Formview itemupdating

After dropping the Form View onto your page, add, in the Page Load event, the code to build your collection of objects and set the Data View's Data Source property to that collection.

You'll also need to store that collection somewhere in-between the user's trips to the server -- the Session object is a good choice.

Once the controls have been added to the template, you can bind them to the object's properties.

With the Form View (or any of the Data Views), I normally use a Data Source to move data from some data store and into/out of the view.

However, the Form View (and the rest of the Data Views) will work just as well with any collection of objects: Lists, Arrays, Array Lists, or whatever collection you want to make available to the user for display and update.

You won't get automatic generation of the Data View's templates and you'll have to write a little code, but from the user's point of view, everything works as if your Data View was tied to a Data Source.

In this example, I'm assuming that I'm displaying a set of Customer objects of some kind in a List(of Customer).

I first check to see if the List is in the Session object and, if it isn't, build it.

I then set the Form View's Data Source to the List: Next, you must add these two lines of code to the page's Pre Render event so they execute after any activity you perform with the Form View elsewhere in the Page.

These two lines save the data to the Session object and display the current state of the data in the Form View: At this point you won't get anything displayed because you haven't added any controls to the templates in the Form View.

But you can skip the Data Source and use the Data Views to handle displaying and updating any collection of objects you want, with a few lines of code.

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NET Data Views are powerful tools when coupled with a Data Source.