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Hi friends..are my thoughts/notes/discoveries and some pictures from my culinary travels to the North of Haiti... I will write a separate note of thanks to all those who helped along the way! Two protesters carrying Haitian flags on their heads march during a demonstration against the electoral process in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.Canada has told Haiti it will not provide additional funds to rerun its election next month; international observers say the result should have stood when Haitians went to the polls last year.The October vote failed to produce a winner after opposition parties claimed it was marred by widespread fraud, including hundreds of thousands of "zombie votes." Opposition mobs attacked polling stations, overwhelming Haitian police and forcing the cancellation of the second round of voting.But the foreign donors who paid for the election — and who dispatched 408 observers to watch it — said it was clean.Per capita, Canadians have given more to Haiti in recent years than any other country.But donor fatigue may finally be setting in for Haiti's most loyal backer, and the corruption and dysfunction of Haiti's ruling elite is mostly to blame.

Next month Haiti will attempt to rerun last year's national election.

S., Canada and Brazil, agreed: the election was clean by Haitian standards and the results should have stood.

"They tossed out the results from a perfectly good election," says Jim , executive director of the Haiti Democracy Project in Washington D. His organization provided 208 of those 408 observers.

The 200 observers from the Organization of American States, paid for mostly by the U.

(Andres Martinez Casares/Reuters) When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted his U. and Mexican counterparts in Ottawa in June, the three countries' foreign ministers found a topic they could all agree on, according to Canadian officials. The earthquake that much of capital city Port-au-Prince in 2010, killing at least 200,000 people, triggered the largest outpouring of Canadian private charity ever directed overseas: 1 million.

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