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A cloud has been hanging over the John Cabot Academy for weeks.

Teachers have shuffled in each morning carrying an invisible burden alongside their textbook-laden rucksacks – would they soon find themselves on strike?

For management at the school, it's also been a time of high anxiety, with long meetings with union representatives making slow progress and ultimately failing to hammer out a compromise agreed by both sides.

The concern must also have trickled down to the parents of students – with questions weighing heavily on their minds – how would the dispute impact on their children's education?

A spokesman for the academy explained assessments were to be carried out to decide how many members of staff will be present tomorrow, before they can confirm which year groups are able to be safely accommodated at the school during the industrial action.

Year 11 pupils – facing their GCSEs in the summer – will be given priority.

Following hot-on-the-heels of the industrial action at Winterbourne Academy in September, when more than 100 teachers took part in a series of strikes after battling with the then senior management team, some may be left asking the question whether academies by their very nature are more prone to strikes.

Nigel Varley, NUT co-secretary for South Gloucestershire, certainly believes this is the case."Academies are far more prone to getting into these situations, because they are autonomous," he said."Back when they were accountable to the local authority situations like this would have been dealt with much earlier at local authority level."Academies by their very nature are all very different.

How would it impact on their own working week if their children were to be sent home as a result of strike action?


While the strike has now been confirmed to be going ahead on Tuesday, the school is still in the process of working out how much teaching will take place during the action.

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