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Placing your hand on a student’s shoulder or grabbing a student’s arm can sometimes produce negative reactions for the students and can be misconstrued as an offensive action.

The list here should serve as a guideline for professional conduct and for handling specific situations that might arise during the first year.

These guidelines are divided into the categories of professionalism and student and parent interactions. In most cases, teachers begin their day at a.m.; however, there will be times when principals request the teachers to arrive earlier (such as during standardized testing weeks). It will set you apart from other students and, to a certain extent, from other teachers who are less serious about professionalism.

Whatever the arrangement, being on time to work and to other assigned meetings and duties is essential. Although we recommend wearing comfortable clothes, be sure to avoid tennis shoes, blue jeans, t-shirts, and clothing that distracts from your teaching (sorry, no loud Hawaii shirts). Use formal speech in your dealings with students, colleagues, and superiors.

Conversations about sex, religious affiliation, political beliefs, and other potentially controversial issues should be avoided if possible.

Personal use of the e-mail system and/or use of the phone systems should be kept to a minimum. This means getting involved in the process of the school and teaching.

Getting active translates into many different types of activities: attending department meetings, asking colleagues for advice or lesson plan ideas, monitoring the hallways during passing period, sitting up front and being involved in teacher trainings or meetings, and/or signing up for workshops and conferences.

Furthermore, avoid criticism and/or gossip about fellow faculty members; this is extremely counter-productive. As a new teacher, you want to enforce all school rules and procedures.

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If the campus policy for a student tardy requires you to send them to the office, then enforce this even if the student begs for mercy or claims he/she was only a few seconds late.