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However, the most common cause of errors is spyware that has made its way into the file thus corrupting it.

It may be that you simply can’t access your Windows Media Player.

Or, it might be that you get an error message that says something like, “Oxc OOd1199: Cannot Play File.” Oxc OOd1199 errors tend to happen to computers that have just updated their version of Windows Media Player.

It is also a common occurrence after a service pack from Microsoft is installed.

In either case, the underlying factor is a file, or files, that have become corrupt and therefore do not function properly when trying to communicate with Windows Media Player, causing the error in question to occur.

This frustrating error will hinder your ability to enjoy Windows Media Player properly and will only get worse if left alone.

Oxc OOd1199 errors will make themselves known almost immediately.

Probably the easiest way in which to address an Oxc OOd1199 error is by restoring the computer back to a date before any updates and/or service packs were installed.

Once this system restore is accomplished, then a reinstallation of either the update or the service pack can then be attempted.

When a error occurs an alert in the form of an error message is immediately given.

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Additional, when there is a error that is occurring, or about to occur, it may be noticeable as certain programs and/or program files will not be able to be accessed properly. It may be that the particular file in question is corrupted due to the improper installation of a specific program.

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