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Emily blunt anne hathaway dating

Mandy Moore made Mia's life so hard before she became a princess and she kind of did a princess movie herself in "Tangled." There are no reports yet about the actress and singer's plans for "Princess Diaries 3." The iconic Julie Andrews played Queen Clarisse and managed to maintain her closeness to Anne Hathaway all these years.When talk of the "Mary Poppins" sequel came up, she even agreed Hathaway would be perfect for the role, which eventually went to Emily Blunt.When asked by a fan on Twitter if she'd like to be part of "Princess Diaries 3," the actress said she doesn't know Disney's plans but promised to squeal when she finds out anything.She gets how everyone is raring for the third film to be made. The sole mission of World of Children Award is to improve the lives of vulnerable children by funding and elevating the most effective changemakers for children worldwide.

But he's working on the new "Wonder Woman" film and more "Star Trek" movies. Robert Schwartzman played Princess Mia's male best friend in the first "Princess Diaries" movie, but he's no longer into acting.He's part of a punk rock band called Rooney, per Elite Daily." Anne Hathaway has elevated her status in Hollywood after "Princess Diaries" after winning an Oscar Best Supporting Actress award for "Les Misérables" in 2012.Now a sought-after actress, Hathaway can afford to take time off and give birth before working on "Princess Diaries 3" and according to Marshall, they will work out all the kinks of the third film after her pregnancy.Now that Anne Hathaway and "Princess Diaries" director Garry Marshall revealed their plans to do a third installment of the film, attention has now turned to the other cast members of the first and second movies.

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