Dumb dating site

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Dumb dating site

I feel like 70% these guys have no clue; staring angrily into the camera, way too much eye contact in general, dumb hats, taking selflies in the mirror, playing the nice guy card, using "lol", playing the "i'm new to online dating" card, being a sissy about writing a summary; "Well I don't normally talk about myself but here it goes"... Do most of the guys you receive messages from give off a 'clueless' vibe? Even if I find a girl extremely attractive, i'll still scan her writing for deal breakers. It's been my experience , from the several dating sites that women don't pay attention to what is said, and I have even met people that though I was some one else they had been looking at . And yes Neemy and Op many have multiple accounts to check if you and your stories add up.Even face to face , you can be talking to some one and they are agreeing with you, but haven't a clue as to what you are talking about.

"I'm not usually into black girls but ur cute lol" Because the "lol" at the end makes it somehow less disgusting of a thing to say?

Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Online is a lot of lies to sort through...they want to decrease the probability of meeting someone AND they aren't interested in an efficient way to glean potential dates' details such as occupation, interests, education levels, and philosophies especially if they work in a gender dominated workplace (like engineering or school teaching) where connecting with potential dates is quite a challenge.

This is the backhanded compliment just about every black girl has received at some point in her life. It makes me want to find you and backhand the taste out of your mouth. "I've always wanted to be with a black woman ;)" Some guys don't even wait for the second message, much less an actual date, to get inappropriate. "Ha ha so is it true what they say about black girls and [fill in the the blank]" Like, what's even an acceptable response to that?

I'm glad you don't think I'm as ugly as you expect most black people to be"? Again, no matter how you phrase it, complimenting me by saying that you typically think black people are ugly doesn't make me want to date you.

I could submit a picture looking like Brad Pit and a description of a homeless man and get tons of response.

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Normal and well adjusted is seemingly few and far between.reality is anybody actually really ever "normal and adjusted"?

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