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This is pretty basic and you have to ensure that your device is fully charged or at least 75% power charged.

Thus, it’s not going to power down on you during the installation process.

The download and installation process probably won’t wreck havoc on your battery life but you don’t want to run the risk of having your device die during the installation process.

If your phone switched off during update process then you will have a nice brick (dead phone) When you get Android 6.0 fired up, you will need to have the ID information handy, including your user name and password.

In fact, we normally got more than 5 GB songs or photos on our phone.

All of those data can be synced to Google’s servers with two or three taps in your device settings, and restored when you finished upgrading your device.

Please follow these steps: : Google does a excellent job while backing up your Android phone.

A Google ID is necessary when linking your device up to essential services.

Updating to Android Marshmallow OS will delete all data from your phone like – message, contacts, calendar, apps, music , videos, etc.

You can find it by pressing Menu and going to Settings Privacy.

Enabling the option will automatically back up your installed applications , your Wi-Fi settings, your wallpaper, people details, and even application data (including game saved and app settings).

So it is necessary for you to make backup on sd card or on pc or on online backup service before upgrading operating system.

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There’s always a chance, albeit a small one, that something could get ruined during the transition from Android 5.0 to Android 6.0 Google permission to store some of your information on its cloud servers.

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