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Pittsburgh singles are finding more compatible matches through e Harmony.

Once you register with e Harmony, you'll start connecting with your most compatible singles for local dating in Pittsburgh.

Stop by for a nightcap and some divine dessert, or for the full steakhouse experience.

• Burn off Brunch - We love our brunches here in Pittsburgh!

Start the day with your favorite brunch, then hit the river for a relaxing afternoon of paddling.

Here in Pittsburgh, we've got our own unique blend of history and cultures, food, and interests.

Whether you'd rather be spending a day cheering your lungs out at a Pirates or Steelers game, roaming the Carnegie Museum or walking through time at the Allegheny Cemetery, or hunting down the perfect dance club to get your groove on, there's a perfect someone out there, waiting to share those experiences with you.

But at night, things calm down, and it's an incredibly romantic ride.

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Enjoy the city lights shimmering on the water, and watch the bustle below as you ascend peacefully to your perfect perch for the evening: The Grandview Saloon.

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