Dating violence in schools

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Dating violence in schools

Schools can help them learn what healthy relationships look like.For more thoughts on why schools can make a difference visit the Futures Without Violence Toolkit.Abuse at the hands of a dating partner can cause short-term and long-term problems.Teens who have been abused by a dating partner may have: Researchers ask students to find out how many of them are affected by dating violence.

This work can build healthy relationships and prevent dating violence. Both males and females can be victims of dating abuse (also called relationship abuse).

Research shows that more young women than men may have serious injuries as a result of such abuse.

It’s where teens (and tweeners) will learn about relationships.

It’s where their boyfriends and girlfriends may be.

They also may not have staff trained to educate or help students on this topic.

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Prevention work through the community can include teens, youth, young adults, educators, school staff and parents. Some of the school curricula also share activities for outside of school that engage boys and men.