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But I think neither me nor Rick thought how it's going to be in the immediate feature.

We were dating for 4 months and then Rick took me to a restaurant and asked me to be his wife. I still can hardly believe how it all turned out to be.

Now we're the happiest couple in the whole world and can't imagine my life without him just like he can't imagine his life without me.

We've been married for more than half of a year and there is nothing much left to be said.

We're happy and we are so thankful to that you helped us to find each other and made the happiness achievable for both of us.

I and Stephanie found out about each other through First two women I met were good persons but I just didn't feel the right way with them.

Finally we get over hesitations, we went on a date and I can tell that even back then we were so happy with each other.

We talked a lot on the phone and we couldn't make up our mind to finally meet offline, face to face, it got kind of scary, for me it was terrifying.

I loved talking to him so much, he always made me laugh, I loved his deep and pleasant voice but I was afraid that he wouldn't like how I look like or I'd think something like that about him.

When you meet the right person you just now that this is her, that's what you were always looking for, she's who deserves all your efforts and all your attention.

That's exactly how I felt when I saw Stephanie for the first time.

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Seriously you don't really expect anything like that especially if you meet her over the internet and all you know about she is the picture and basic information from her profile page.

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