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Hence the mythical foundation of the Republic, which, still today, coincides with Saint Marino’s death year.In fact, the territory, on which the San Marino society subsequently consolidated, was under the political control of the Pope and of the Bishop of Montefeltro.In mid 1500s, San Marino was subject to other two invasion attempts, always favoured by Rome, which did not tolerate the presence of an enclave within its territory.

The territory of the Republic of San Marino was frequented and inhabited since remote times, as testified to by the discovery of several archaeological remains dating back from the Eneolithic Age (third millennium B. Important traces of human presence have been found for the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as for the Villanovan, Roman and Goths’ Ages.With regard to the latter, the remains found include some furnishings and objects of very refined jewellery dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries A. On Mount Titano, where the San Marino community first settled, the remains of an important cultural site have also been found.Indeed, in this year, San Marino received some villages and Castles as a reward for having contributed to the defeat of the army of Sigismondo Malatesta, who, at that time, was at war with the Pope.In early 1500’s, San Marino was invaded and occupied for some time by Cesare Borgia, who was trying to create its own personal dominion in central Italy with the help of his father, Pope Alessandro VI.In this place, which started to be frequented in the 5th century B.

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C., a divinity was worshipped, which was thought to have thaumaturgic powers.

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