Dating site for writers

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Dating site for writers

In Word Press, there are two types of content “holders,” posts and Pages (with a capital P to differentiate from web pages with a lowercase p). That’s a quick overview of the main content references about Word Press.

Pages hold timeless information, and posts hold timely information. The three basic site models for Word Press are: The Site Model concept is based upon the design of the front page of the site and the arrangement of posts, Pages, categories and tags within Word Press known as site structure and organization.

The Blog Model is the one most people are familiar with, with content presented on the front page in reverse chronological order.For example, static Pages are used to present information on the front page of the site along with About, Contact, and other Pages from within the main navigation, and article content is relegated to a separate page. One point I will make is that I usually recommend the blog model over all the others.If you’ve ever worked on a magazine or newspaper, think of posts as articles and Pages as masthead information. The navigation of the links to posts, Pages, categories, and tags defines the user experience and customer journey, literally the way the visitor uses the site to access the information they are seeking. The Static Site Model is great for those who do not want the interactivity or to publish article content.It begins with the front page for most web designers. Professionally, I call these “billboards on the web” as they serve up the basic information the visitor needs and not much else.The Blog Model is a familiar layout and structure, putting the most recent posts at the top.

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If a site is interactive and serves return visitors regularly, this is the ideal layout and structure.

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