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As an old earth believer, I believe in catastrophes.are the exception, not the norm.

Helens provides no credible evidence for a young earth.

March 27, 1980, the volcano erupted, closing the Gifford Pinchot National Park, and bringing thousand of scientists and forest service experts to the mountain to document every moment of this monumental event.

However, old earth creationists don't need these rebuttals to show that Mount Saint Helens does not support young earth creation science.

Uniformitarianism explains the past by appealing to known laws and principles acting in a gradual, uniform way through past ages.

When they look at Mount Saint Helens, they see catastrophic forces at work.. They view them as evidence of a young earth, because they can produce rock layers quickly through catastrophism.

What they fail to realize is that Uniformitarianism includes Catastrophism.

Since we see catastrophic events in the present, we see evidence of catastrophic events in the geologic record.

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