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They are also helped by Caleb, a heroic soldier from Meridian, leader of the rebellion against Phobos, and Blunk, a frog-like goblin creature (known as a Passling) who takes things from the human world to Meridian (and vice versa), humorously mistaking everyday objects for other things or items of value. But with the Veil lifted and Nerissa out to control the Ex-Guardians, they agree Kadma must be warned, but Nerissa and her Knights are already there and are glamoured as W. Because Hearts cannot be taken by force, soon Nerissa will have two Hearts and Kadma under her control. Matt, Will's boyfriend, accidentally learns about Meridian and when he sees the troubles there going on, he learns how to become a warrior to help them. Most of the time a Heart is found to be in the form of living being, as it is for Earth, Meridian, and Aridia. The Zamballians and the Guardians gather to discuss what should happen next. Season 2 around September 2005, and it premiered in the United States, Canada and the UK in June 2006.

They are also helped by the Oracle, leader of the Universe in Kandrakar, who was the one who chose the Guardians. Ironwood makes herself Regent of Zamballa and her first act is to banish the Guardians, Yan Lin, Blunk, and Caleb from their world so that Nerissa is never tempted to return.

The Hearts are the sources of mystical energy for the worlds they come from. In "Z is for Zenith" the Heart of Zamballa is returned and Kadma abdicates from her throne to live on Earth, while Ironwood takes the Heart and is made Queen herself.

They can be represented by a jewel, a talisman or a living being. Two seasons were produced, both of which adapt plot elements from The Twelve Portals and Nerissa's Revenge comic arcs from the original series.

Prominently featured in the series is the Heart of Kandrakar, a pendant that allows W. Each season consists of 26 episodes, resulting in a total of 52 episodes across the T. Both season one and season 2 was produced by SIP Animation.

Common Sense Media, one of the few outlets to review the series, noted that the show is "an animated fantasy-adventure series for tweens", and gave it 3 out of 5 stars.

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However, the show's popularity began to decline in the second season.

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